Ways Instagram Marketing Strategies Can Be Effective

instagramWhen thinking of an Instagram marketing strategy, consider the reasons why you believe your product is better than what your competitors are offering. However, don’t lose sight of the goals you need to achieve in promoting your brand by way of images and content.

After all, clean but colorful visuals and a great deal of aesthetic appeal score high points among Instagram viewers. Yet the important thing is for your marketing posts to reach the right kind of audience.

Know the Kind of Audience You Want to Reach

That being said, the first Instagram Marketing strategy to establish is to identify the kind of consumers you want to reach at Instagram.

While it’s important to consider their demographics, their age and culture, it’s also important if they are the kind of audience who prefer to see products with results ; or with confirmation by way of feedback and testimonials. Nowadays, consumers are much harder to convince, especially if you are just starting to build your brand.

The thing is you cannot be on Instagram with just a simple strategy of investing on content creation and photo images. Instagram has regular photo and video sharing features uploaded as personal posts by people who simply want to share bits and pieces of their day-to-day lives. Yet such content can also inspire Instagram Marketers because what they convey is genuine user experience.

social media marketing Actually, ordinary people prefer to follow those who can relate to their needs and who can help them find solutions to their pain points. The latter refers to the little but hard to ignore reasons why they are losing interest in brands they are currently using. If their brands are your competitors, and you are interacting with this kind of audience, it means you are getting strong signals on how to market your brand on Instagram.
That is why in the US alone, Instagram deals with more than a billion users who are all actively engaged in getting their photos and videos noticed. Out of the one billion posts, 500 million are IG Stories.

Reaching Out to Audience by way of IG Stories

Instagram Stories are photos and videos presented vertically and in full-screen in the Instagram User Interface. Although IG Stories are configured to disappear within 24 hours, the creation of stories allow the use of certain interactive tools which includes appearing in the IG app interface, instead of being broadcasted as mere news feeds.

Moreover, viewers of stories can add stickers, use Augmented Reality filters and run a brief in a content.