Wayne State University


Contact Address

5050 Anthony Wayne Drive
Detroit, MI 48202
[map it]

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jerry Ku
Team Leaders: Idan Regev
Communication Managers: Katelyn O'Neal
Business Managers: Ashley Davis

Team Description
Wayne State University is proud to represent the capital of the automotive industry, Detroit. Their team is composed of students that come from seven different countries excelling in engineering, business and communications. As a first time competitor in AVTCs Wayne State is taking in all the opportunities that EcoCAR 2 has to offer students. In year three the team plans to optimize their vehicle, making it a “show room” ready student-designed vehicle that will excel in dynamic events at final competition. They also plan to continue with an aggressive outreach plan that will keep the Metro Detroit area excited about the teams accomplishments and the future of hybrid vehicles. Go Warriors, #AimHybrid!

Vehicle Design
The WSU vehicle architecture is a Parallel through the Road (PTTR) plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The team is using a GM-donated 2.4L engine with E85 fuel to drive the front wheels and a Remy HVH250-115P electric motor to run the rear wheels. The motor power is supplied by a 19kWh A123-donated battery and controlled by a Rinehart Motion Systems PM150DX controller. The dual independent drivetrain gives the driver plenty of operational flexibility, great performance and very good fuel economy with low emissions. The vehicle is nicknamed "E2D2" for Ethanol Electric Dual Drivetrain..

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