The Benefits of Technology in Plants



With the available resources and inputs in the farms, the profitability of the agricultural business will be improved for the entire agriculture sector and for the benefit of the farmers and eventually, consumers. Here is a highlighted list of benefits of the integration of Technology in the Agricultural sector:

· Higher crop productivity using the proper pot like LECA pots as technology has increased agricultural productivity to the present, thereby increasing the profits of farmers and reduces the cost operations.

· Decreased use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which in turn reduces the prices of food.

· Reduced impact on natural ecosystems.

· Technological development has been sustainable and can serve as the basis for Sustainable and more efficient methods of Agricultural practices.

· In the place of farmers living in close proximity to the consumers (buyers) of their products, however, today, farm produce are cultivated thousands of miles away from where it is consumed as we can transfer our product from one place to another place due to modern technology.

· By using advanced machines, it is possible to control the efforts of farmers, increase workers safety and reduce the time input of the farmer

· Due to technology we can provide water and nutrients to plant according to their calculated requirements.

· Control pest with the help of synthetic chemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides etc…) and increase the soil fertility.

· Make an E Commerce system where farmers can sell their products and purchase other things that they need to improve their farming practices.

· By adopting technology farmer change their sowing method from manual to mechanical.

Indeed, the future of agriculture is bright and leveraging on technology will enable farmers to continue enjoying improved crop yields thus sustaining and increasing their incomes.