Ways Instagram Marketing Strategies Can Be Effective

instagramWhen thinking of an Instagram marketing strategy, consider the reasons why you believe your product is better than what your competitors are offering. However, don’t lose sight of the goals you need to achieve in promoting your brand by way of images and content.

After all, clean but colorful visuals and a great deal of aesthetic appeal score high points among Instagram viewers. Yet the important thing is for your marketing posts to reach the right kind of audience.

Know the Kind of Audience You Want to Reach

That being said, the first Instagram Marketing strategy to establish is to identify the kind of consumers you want to reach at Instagram.

While it’s important to consider their demographics, their age and culture, it’s also important if they are the kind of audience who prefer to see products with results ; or with confirmation by way of feedback and testimonials. Nowadays, consumers are much harder to convince, especially if you are just starting to build your brand.

The thing is you cannot be on Instagram with just a simple strategy of investing on content creation and photo images. Instagram has regular photo and video sharing features uploaded as personal posts by people who simply want to share bits and pieces of their day-to-day lives. Yet such content can also inspire Instagram Marketers because what they convey is genuine user experience.

social media marketing Actually, ordinary people prefer to follow those who can relate to their needs and who can help them find solutions to their pain points. The latter refers to the little but hard to ignore reasons why they are losing interest in brands they are currently using. If their brands are your competitors, and you are interacting with this kind of audience, it means you are getting strong signals on how to market your brand on Instagram.
That is why in the US alone, Instagram deals with more than a billion users who are all actively engaged in getting their photos and videos noticed. Out of the one billion posts, 500 million are IG Stories.

Reaching Out to Audience by way of IG Stories

Instagram Stories are photos and videos presented vertically and in full-screen in the Instagram User Interface. Although IG Stories are configured to disappear within 24 hours, the creation of stories allow the use of certain interactive tools which includes appearing in the IG app interface, instead of being broadcasted as mere news feeds.

Moreover, viewers of stories can add stickers, use Augmented Reality filters and run a brief in a content.

Private Messaging : Ensuring Confidentiality and Security of Communication

Pprivate messaging Nowadays, if you need to make sure the private messages you are sending via the Internet will stay strictly private, use a private text messaging app. It’s an application that keeps the confidentiality and integrity of the communications transpiring between app users by way of end-to-end encryption.

What Exactly is End-to-End Encryption?
End-to-end in layman’s terms means from start to finish of the technology, while encryption refers to the use of a set of codes to shield the private text being sent, away from the prying eyes of a third party intervenor who has no business or authority to access the private conversations. It’s important therefore that the sender and receiver are using the same messaging app. (more…)

Actions and Technologies Used by Saudi Arabia in Solving the Country’s Water Problems

As water consumption continues to overwhelm Saudi Arabia’s water resources, management of water use has become a challenge for both the government and citizens. While the challenge of supply has been hurdled, the continuous supply of good quality water to Saudi citizens at a minimum cost still has to be resolved. The availability of adequate supply of clean water has for long been affected significantly by aging infrastructure and in recent years, by the effects of climate change.

Statistically, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) consumes 263 liters per capita everyday, but with great potential to constantly increase at twice the average on a per person (per capita) basis on a global scale. Obviously this is troublesome for an arid country like Saudi in which the adverse impact of climate change has been straining water reserves.

The KSA Launched the Qatrah Program to Curb Water Usage

The country launched the Qatrah program in March 2019 as a way to mandate citizens to greatly reduce their water use based on goals. Such goals include reducing the citizens’ daily per capita consumption of water to 200 liters by the year 2020; down to 150 liters by the end of year 2030. The program also launched campaigns to raise awareness of the water crisis faced by the country; and of the need to protect not only the natural resources but also the infrastructures and industries that rely greatly on adequate supply of water.

Although the KSA has been successful in providing water throughout the entire country by investing in desalination technologies and storage tanks, water demand continues to increase to which consumption has been projected to 12.3 MCM per day in 2040. As it is, the agriculture sector takes up a huge part of the water supply, while the process of desalination is expensive.

As the Kingdom’s water issues are becoming more persistent, the country’s National Water Corporation has to consider the emerging innovative technologies and creative solutions for producing, distributing, managing and regulating water usage.
One such technology recommended is the Smart Water Management System, which can be used in buildings where water is temporarily stored in huge underground tanks of the buildings

How Does the Smart Water Management System Work?

Many of Saudi Arabia’s large buildings already have mechanically controlled water system that makes use of the Smart Water Management tech. The system allows the regulation of water flowing to water tanks located at the top of the buildings coming from the huge underground tanks below.
Through the utilization of LoRa communication technology, the smart water management system is able to control the above ground tanks’ water levels.

The LoRaWAN sensors gather and relay the data just in minutes to the building administration in charge of the water systems inside the area. If the said sensors found any malfunctions in the mechanism that affect water flow like a defective pump, or if there is a shortage in water, it immediately sends an emergency signal.

The system can also measure specific important quality metrics constantly and sends a warning signal to the building’s manager if something exceeds safe levels affecting the quality of water. The smart system records all water quality parameters for long periods of time, and any persistent irregularity in quality could cause the system to automatically stop the water distribution system of the building.

The automated texhnology sends out an emergency signal  automatically signifying that the water pump was intentionally disconnected due to quality issues. Once the problem has been solved, it can be reconnected to resume the building’s water distribution operations.

In most cases in Jeddah, building administrators call a reliable tank cleaning company like to inspect and clean water tanks to remove the elements affecting the quality of water.