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Seattle, WA 98195
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Faculty Advisors: Brian Fabien and Per Reinhall
Team Co-Leaders: Trevor Crain
Communication Managers: Shea O'Donnell
Business Managers: August Miranda

Team Description
The University of Washington (UW) EcoCAR 2 team is a multidisciplinary group of 43 students. The team consists of both undergraduate and graduate students from many different majors, including engineering, business, and the arts. Trevor Crain oversees all responsibilities as the Team Lead. Seventeen students make up the mechanical team, led by Brendan Boyer. Now in the third year of competition, these students make slight refining modifications to the chassis and powertrain to optimize performance, safety and utility. Trevor Fayer and his team troubleshoot the vehicle’s control code while Brian Magnuson, head of the electrical team, manage the operations of a high voltage 18kWh storage system and the low voltage power distribution system. Mitchell Loeppky and his team of computer science engineers continue improve the center stack’s intuitive interface—praised as second best in competition thus far. The business and communication affairs are headed by Augusto Miranda and Shea O’Donnell. Miranda manages sponsor relations, directs fundraising activities, and maintains the comprehensive team budget. O’Donnell serves as the team’s spokesperson and drives extensive sustainability campaigns involving the media, youth, consumers and political influencers. Besides striving to create the most fuel efficient prototype of the competition, UW’s team goal is to lay the foundation for future successes in Advance Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC). .

Vehicle Design
The UW engineers are developing a parallel through-the-road (PTTR) plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) architecture. The team used a variety of tools and methods to select this final architecture, which was chosen as the best combination of efficiency and feasibility for the UW. A Remy electric traction motor, assembled by AM Racing, is fitted to the rear of the vehicle to drive the rear wheels. An electric energy storage system from A123 Systems is installed in the former spare tire well to provide power to the rear electric traction motor. Up front, a biodiesel GM 1.7 L diesel engine will power the car after full charge depletion. Even after the vehicle enters this charge sustaining mode, the electric motor can still be used to assist the engine and increase the overall vehicle efficiency.


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EcoCAR 2 is an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by Argonne National Laboratory. Learn more about EcoCAR 2 →