Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

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5500 Wabash Ave, CM 189
Terre Haute, IN 47803
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Faculty Advisors: Dr. Zac Chambers and Dr. Marc Herniter
Team Leader: Albert Nyangeri
Commnunications Manager: Ashley Kronsell
Business Managers: Kale Stewart

Team Description
Rose-Hulman’s EcoCAR 2 team consists of engineering students in diverse disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, computer science and software engineering and even chemical engineering. The team’s goal is to provide these students with the hands-on skills and advanced training that will set them apart in their careers by challenging them with some of the most difficult problems facing the automotive industry today. Rose-Hulman draws on its ten-year history in the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) to help bring these real-world problems and applications into the classroom and reach as many students as possible. Rose-Hulman works closely with Indiana State University to run its communications and business programs, giving students there a chance to interact with a real-world project and giving all involved the exposure to the various facets of a full-scale project. The universities come together to inspire and influence the local community.

Vehicle Design
As part of the EcoCAR 2 competition, Rose-Hulman has developed a split-parallel, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The car utilizes both E85 Ethanol and electrical power in order to provide performance not normally seen in a hybrid while refusing to sacrifice efficiency. The vehicle is powered on the front axle via a conventional internal combustion engine powertrain, while an all-wheel drive component is provided by a high-voltage electric traction motor sending its power to the ground via the rear axle. The two combine to work in “Parallel” with one another independently powering each axle. An additional electric machine “Splits” power off of the internal combustion engine’s accessory belt to allow for charging of the vehicle’s high-voltage battery at engine idle. Combined, the two powertrains provide Rose-Hulman with an exciting and powerful vehicle

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EcoCAR 2 is an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by Argonne National Laboratory. Learn more about EcoCAR 2 →