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Since 1988, more than 16,500 students have graduated from the advanced vehicle technology competition (AVTC) program. Throughout the years, these students have gone on to work in different areas of the automotive industry all over the world. Read how these alumni started in the AVTC program and where they are now! For more information, visit www.avtchistory.org.

    Chris Carde

    Despite his impressive track record, Chris Carde, Automotive Technical Program Manager at Google Germany, attributes his successful career to his experience in FutureTruck, an AVTC that ran from 2000-2004...

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    Aaron Sullivan

    When Aaron Sullivan was a kid, he spent time reading Car and Driver while his parents prepared lessons for English courses. While he always had an interest in cars, he didn’t always know how they were designed and built...

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    Jeremy Cellarius

    When Jeremy Cellarius entered the University of Illinois as an undergraduate, he didn’t have any opportunities to gain real-world engineering experience...

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    Matt Merkle

    When Matt Merkle began his Electrical Engineering studies at Virginia Tech, he wanted to join a vehicle competition but was concerned he didn’t have the mechanical experience needed. Then he heard about a new competition on campus aiming to build a hybrid electric car...

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    Mike Ogburn

    Mike Ogburn first became involved in energy efficiency research and implementation during the early days of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC) with FutureCar in 1998...

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